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Troubleshooting A Sharp Microwave Oven

You should contact a professional technician if you want to do any work on your microwave. However, you can check a few issues before you give a call.

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Troubleshooting A Sharp Microwave Oven
Troubleshooting A Sharp Microwave Oven

The owner's manual will tell you if your cord is grounded correctly. It should be plugged directly into a 3-pronged power outlet. Also, be sure to check circuit breakers and fuses. Pour 1 cup of liquid into a glass measuring container and microwave. The water serves two purposes: it's important to never run a microwavable while empty. Liquids, food, and other liquids can absorb the energy from microwaves. Close the microwave door and heat the water for 1 minute. Watch to see if the microwave light comes on. Place your hand over the back ventilation opening to feel if the air is coming out. For R-21HT and R-21HV models, it does not matter whether the "ON-" indicator lights up. After 1 minute, remove the measuring glass cup from the microwave and test the water's temp. Be careful not to burn yourself. Note if it is hot or cold. If you can't turn on the light, feel no air coming through the ventilation, and find that the water does not heat up, contact an authorized Sharp repair vendor. Be sure to tell the vendor if your product is still under warranty. The demonstration mode is on if you see the clock rapidly countdown. Unplug the microwave, wait 30 seconds, then plug it in to reset or cancel this.