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Repairing a Crack in the Plastic Dishwasher Tub

Most dishwashers built from 1980 until today have tubs made of plastic. Small cracks on the surface may appear due to using the dishwasher and heat. If the cracks remain unrepaired, water may leak from the tub and cause severe damage to the cabinets and the floor. Mold can form over time in damp areas such as cabinets or floors. This is a potential health hazard. The small cracks in a dishwasher tub can be easily repaired.

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Repairing a Crack in the Plastic Dishwasher Tub
Repairing a Crack in the Plastic Dishwasher Tub
  • Open the door on the dishwasher. Remove the racks.
  • Cleanse the area with cracks using a cleanser, a scrubber pad, and the cleaner. Rinse it with clean tap water and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Use a squeeze bottle or caulk gun to squeeze clear silicone onto your fingers.
  • Wipe the silicone around the crack in all directions. Smoothen the caulk so that it is free of globs or bumps. Let the silicon dry overnight.
  • Apply a second coat of silicon and let it cure overnight. This will ensure the crack is sealed enough to prevent water from getting through.