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Reasons Why Your Wine Cooler Fails - and How to Fix It!

The best way to store rare wine, whether you collect it or enjoy drinking it, is in a cooler. This is true, especially in Phoenix, where temperatures often reach triple digits. Wine coolers maintain the perfect humidity and temperature levels for wines so that you can enjoy them over the years. The temperature of the wine cooler can affect your wine. Your refrigerator may not work for many reasons. Make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

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Reasons Why Your Wine Cooler Fails - and How to Fix It!

Common problems with wine coolers

Common problems with wine coolers

It is essential first to understand that there are different types of coolers. The temperature of one kind is controlled using a thermoelectric control system. The other uses a compressed air system. You can determine your problem by knowing which system you are using. Contact us, and we will assist you if you need a clue.

Thermoelectric Problems

Improper Room Temperature

The room temperature could be the cause of your thermoelectric cooler problems. This type of cooler is less effective at maintaining a cool temperature. The ideal temperature for a room is between 50-80 degrees. The wine refrigerator will not work correctly if your room is too hot. It's good to know that this cooler isn't damaged and can be fixed easily. You can fix the problem by turning up the AC or moving the cooler to a lower-temperature room.

Defective Fan

A thermoelectric cooler moves hot air using a fan. It will stop working if it breaks, gets blocked with debris, or is disconnected. The fan can be inspected to determine the cause of the problem. Attach the connectors to the fan if the problem isn't resolved. Use a soft cloth to clean the area if dirt has built up. If neither of these is the problem, then the fan might need to be replaced by a professional.

A Compressor Cooler Issues

Faulty Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat could be the cause of your wine cooler not cooling. If it's broken, then the interior of the fridge will be too hot or even too cold. A thermostat is not repairable. It would help if you replaced it with a new thermostat to make your fridge work properly again.

The fan is not working.

If the condenser is not functioning, it can cause the system to overheat. Check if debris is causing the fan not to turn. You can remove all dust from the fan if it is not spinning. If it is not this, then you will have to replace the fan to get your cooler running again.

Faulty evaporator

It may be that your evaporator is broken. It could be due to ice accumulation. The fan on this element may also become blocked or dirty. Clean up the debris that may have accumulated around the component or fan. You will need to replace the fan if it is broken or bent. It is simple to remove ice from the evaporator. Let the ice melt, and then plug in the cooler.

Faulty evaporator