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Open a Maytag Top-Load Washer

Maytag is a manufacturer of many appliances, such as refrigerators. Maytag washers either have a top or front loading. When your Maytag washer is not working, you may need to open the lid to access the internal components. Only open the washing machine if it is a machine you know how to repair.

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Open a Maytag Top-Load Washer
Open a Maytag Top-Load Washer

Step 1

After removing the entire load of laundry from the machine, turn off the appliance's power. Unplug the washing machine and turn off your fuse.

Step 2

Remove the two screws located at the bottom front panel of your washing machine.

Step 3

To release the tabs, pull out the bottom of the front panel. Once the tabs on the top of the washing machine are removed, pull out the bottom panel.