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Is the countertop Dishwasher not draining? How to fix it?

Does your countertop dishwasher not drain water? You are not alone! I understand how frustrating it is to open the dishwasher and find your dishes still soaking. You're in the right place. If you have a countertop dishwasher that won't drain, check to ensure it is closed. Also, clean the filter and clear out the kitchen sink. Also, I recommend that you check the drain hose and drain pump. Continue reading to learn how to eliminate standing water.

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Is the countertop Dishwasher not draining? How to fix it?

How to fix a Countertop Dishwasher that won't drain

How to fix a Countertop Dishwasher that won't drain

As an expert in appliance repair, I have noticed that draining problems are common with countertop dishwashers. There are six easy solutions that you can try.

Close the Door

If you see water in the drain, your dishwasher may need to finish its cycle. The dishwasher may stop mid-cycle when the door is opened accidentally or if you have a power failure—in such situations, close the door and let the cycle continue. In the event of a power cut, set your dishwasher to a rinse mode to help it drain water. My experience has shown that countertop dishwashers may also stop mid-cycle and fail to drain the water when the door latch fails. Check this component to see if it needs replacing.

Clear your Kitchen Sink

The drain hose in your tabletop dishwasher is designed to connect to the sink drain. You can clear your kitchen drain and remove any obstructions that were preventing your countertop dishwashing from draining. Turning on the garbage disposal is, in my opinion, the best way to clear a kitchen sink. I recommend also pouring half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar through the plughole. After 20 minutes, run hot tap water into the plughole. It will dissolve any grease and soften food residues. Use a plunger or commercial drain cleaner. Remember that if you find your kitchen drain clogged often, there is likely an underlying plumbing problem. In these cases, I suggest calling a professional.

Clean up the filter

The water in your countertop dishwasher may only drain properly if the filter is clean. This can lead to dirty dishes. When the filter is clogged up with food particles, this can affect the performance of the drain pump and obstruct water flow. Please remove and wash the filter with hot, soapy tap water to solve any draining problems. I recommend using a nylon or wire brush to clear any stubborn debris.

Check the drain Hose Connection

Check the connection of the drain hose if your countertop dishwasher still does not drain the water. It is easy for a countertop dishwasher to have a connection fall out of place when storing or transporting it. Ensuring the connections are secure for the drain hose to work correctly and avoid standing water is essential. Check the connection of your drain hose. Turn the countertop dishwasher around and off. Check the connection of the drain hose to your countertop dishwasher. Use pliers if it's loose. Be careful not to overtighten your connection. Reinstall your dishwasher and turn it back on.

Examine your Drain Hose

When a dishwasher countertop is not draining, I suggest checking the drain tube to ensure it's not kinked up, clogged, or damaged.

Check the drain Hose Connection

Check the Drainage Pump

Check the drain valve if the countertop dishwasher won't drain. This component pumps the waste away from the dishwasher. Food particles can sometimes get stuck and affect the drain pump's ability. Remove any obstructions. My experience has shown that it is best to wear thick-gloved gloves, as you could come across small pieces of glass or other sharp objects. Please replace your drain pump when you notice it's damaged. To find a specific part or to check the price of a particular one, enter your model into the search bar. We have almost every part available, with guides explaining how to install it. You can now solve the drainage problem of your countertop washer. Close your door, clean the filter, and clear the kitchen sink. To prevent an overflow of water, you should also check the drain hoses and drain pumps.