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How to replace an oven element

Remove Broil Element

It is essential to know before you identify your electric oven's model number and the manufacturer. The part number for the element can be found either in the manual or on a digital list. You'll find information on the manufacturer, model, and part numbers of the oven element replacement on the packaging. Double-check that your notes match these numbers to ensure you have the right oven heating element.

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How to replace an oven element

Disconnecting power

Disconnecting power

The oven should be unplugged, and the power turned off at the fuse box.

Remove Oven Element Installation Screws

Remove the screws securing the element on the oven using a screwdriver. Remove the element from the oven by pulling it 4 to 5 inches away.

Disconnecting wires

Remove the screws that secure the wires into the prongs. Draw a diagram or take a snapshot to remember the wiring. Be very careful when reattaching them.

Install the Oven Element Repair

Install the element and connect the wires like you did before. Secure the element to the rear wall of the stove.

Connecting Power

Replace the oven plug and set the breaker in the "on" position.

Test the Oven Element

Test the stove while it's empty. It's okay if there is a bit of smoke while the new element warms up. Typically, it is the temporary coating of the factory burning off.