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Refrigerator Repair Time

Find out the average repair times for refrigerators and get your kitchen back to normal in no time.

Get the insights you need to plan your kitchen activities during the repair process.

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Refrigerator Repair Time

How long does it take to repair a refrigerator?

How long does it take to repair a fridge?

Basic repairs like replacing an icemaker, door gasket, or light bulb usually take one to three hours. You can expect to spend four to eight hours on more complicated repairs, such as changing the refrigerator's compressor or fixing it when it isn't cooling.

Diagnose the problem, then determine what parts are needed and how much labor is required. A technician with experience in refrigerator repair can estimate the repair time.

Once the repair has been completed, it's essential to check that the fridge works correctly. If the refrigerator isn't cooling, the repair may have been done incorrectly and needs to be redone.

The repair time will depend on your refrigerator's type and the extent to which it has been damaged. Contact a qualified technician to get an estimate of how long it will take for the repair.