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Refrigerator Issues

To prevent food from spoiling and to maintain the refrigerator's efficiency, it is crucial to know when your fridge needs repairs.

Call us if you see the following signs.

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Refrigerator Issues

How do I know if my refrigerator needs to be repaired?

How can I tell if my dryer needs to be repaired or replaced?

The appearance of strange sounds is one of the most common indicators that a fridge needs to be repaired. A loud buzzing noise could indicate a malfunctioning compressor. Other sounds, such as clicking or clanking, can indicate a malfunction.

A refrigerator that does not cool properly is another sign of malfunction. You may notice that your food stays warmer than you would expect. This could indicate that the fridge is not functioning correctly. If the temperature fluctuates, it could be a sign that you need to replace or adjust the thermostat.

It is essential to check the seals and drain pan if you notice any signs that indicate a leak like water accumulating in the floor or frost appearing on the wall. Sometimes, you may need the seals replaced or the drain pan cleaned.

You may also need to replace the gasket if your door doesn't seal well. A loose seal can allow warm or humid air to enter the refrigerator. This can lead to food spoilage.

Main signs of refrigerator breakdown