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Calgary Appliance Services

Appliance Repair Service in Calgary, AB

Calgary appliance repair services work on a simple principle: to offer our customers high standards of quality and artistry. Honesty and efficiency are our trademarks, and we are proud of having them. For each order, the technicians work hard to every limit and ensure our customers get the reliable and genuine services they deserve.

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Calgary Appliance Repair Near Me

What's the best appliance repair near me?

Are you searching for a reliable appliance repair service near you? Well, you have come to the right place. We are nearer to you than you’ve imagined – just a call away.

If you’re unsure, search for appliance repair near me, and you will find us in the top results!

The reliable appliance services

We build a boundless relationship with our valued customers through our exceptional services, making us different from everyone else. Our appliance services are affordable and fast. Everyone understands how awful it is to have a broken appliance at home, and our professional team knows how to put it back in its operational condition, whatever the fault is. Feel free to contact us and book your appointment!

Fridge repair service in Calgary, AB

Fridge Service

If your fridge doesn’t maintain the correct temperature or acts up, do not hesitate to call us for refrigerator repair. Our professional fridge technicians will diagnose your refrigerator and determine the cause of the problem in no time without putting you in any trouble.

Fridge Repair
Oven repair service in Calgary, AB

Oven Service

Ovens help us bake our favorite meals. And if it doesn't heat up or can not keep the desired temperature, you know it's time to call us for a timely oven repair service. Whether your oven needs a simple fix or detailed troubleshooting, our team is always available to provide experienced and professional repair services.

Oven Repair
Washing Machine repair service in Calgary, AB

Washer Service

Nowadays, nobody washes clothes with their hand anymore. Any washer saves us time for more pleasant activities. But it happens sometimes that we need washing machine repair. It will be proper to entrust your appliance to us. We will quickly cope with the task, and you'll continue your household chores.

Washer Repair

Our Appliance Repair Company Is Your Choice

We also repair this kind of appliances

Calgary Appliance Services staff is well-trained for every task requiring expertise. It ensures that quality standards are met while rendering our services—annual whole staff studies at various continuing education courses.

Dryer repair service in Calgary

Dryer Service

Dryer services are our prominent. We offer dryer repair for a wide variety of brands. Our professional technicians fix gas and electric dryers with various problems. When the appliance doesn't work, it should just call us to get a quality service.

Dryer Repair
Dishwasher repair service in Calgary, AB

Dishwasher Service

In the 21st century, almost every kitchen has an appliance that will clean the dishes for you. But sometimes it breaks down. Then you need a good and reliable dishwasher repair company. Give us a call, and we'll fix it!

Dishwasher Repair
Stove repair service in Calgary from professionals

Stove Service

Are you experiencing issues with your cooktop and in need of help? Calgary Appliance Services are professionals in stove repair and know how to handle any problem. Our team can make everything from a simple fix to a significant repair. Trust the experts.

Stove Repair
Range repair service in Calgary, Ab

Range Service

Many people consider A a situation troubling if you need a range repair. But it is not a problem in Calgary anymore. Just call our reliable service and fix the issue on the same day. Highly experienced professionals are ready to come to your aid the same day.

Range Repair
Wine Cooler repair service in Calgary, Ab

Wine Cooler Service

Looking for solutions to appliance problems? Getting a professional Wine Cooler Repair service is the best way to guarantee quality access to friendly technicians willing to guide everyone through the process and provide the solution.

Wine Cooler Repair
Freezer repair service in Calgary, Ab

Freezer Service

Professional freezer service in your neighborhood. Repairing the freezer is a serious task, so do not try to figure it out alone and call our technician. We serve all major brands and models of freezers.

Freezer Repair
Applance repair company in Calgary, Alberta

The local appliance repair company

Being a local service company, it is easier for us to access the remote parts of our service areas. Moreover, it is also easy for our clients to visit the service area in case of any emergency. We are a home appliance repair company that strives to offer top-notch services without compromising the safety of your appliance.

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Appliance repair cost.
Affordable service for Calgary residents.

The appliance repair price can vary vastly. It depends on the type of unit, the problem with it, the complexity of the work that needs to be done, and the parts required. We provide reliable and affordable service. With us, your unit will last for years to come.

Appliance Inspection


Unfortunately, gasoline, advertising, and other costs keep increasing, so we must charge for each call. That fee is $99, but there are also discounts for veterans. We often have 50% discounts on this fee.

Minor aplliance repair service in Calgary

Minor Repair

You've come to the right place if you need minor appliance repair. Usually, the cost of little maintenance is no more than $179, but it all depends on the device's condition and location. Welcome!

Appliance Parts Replacement

Parts Replacement

If your device needs expensive repairs, including replacing significant parts, the price can range from $199, or more—the more expensive your equipment, the more expensive the repair price.

Appliance service center in Calgary

The best service center in Calgary

You should know when you are looking for an appliance repair center in your area. Here we are.

Calling a technician

Appliance brands we commonly maintain in Calgary, AB

  • Kenmore appliance repair in Calgary
  • Thermador refrigerator repair Calgary
  • Calgary Samsung appliance services
  • Electrolux Washer repair Okotoks
  • Whirlpool appliance service Calgary
  • Authorized GE Appliance Repair Calgary
  • LG appliance repair services in Calgary, AB
  • Maytag appliance service Calgary
  • Subzero fridge repair Calgary
  • Calgary Kitchenaid appliance repair
  • Danby service
  • Frigidaire appliance repair near me Calgary
  • Jenn-Air Wine Cooler Repair
  • Marvel refrigerator service
  • Hotpoint washer service Calgary

What do our customers think of us?

Calgary Appliance Services technicians with years of experience under their belts are ready to fix appliances of any brand currently presented on the market. That's why you will find many enthusiastic reviews about our company online.

Customer 1

Marial Shell

Aspen Woods

The guys were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and went out of their way to make sure that the job was done correctly and on time. They were also very friendly and accommodating, and made the whole process unobtrusive and quick. Highly recommended!

Customer 2

Gary Beckhusen

Signal Hill

I recently had the pleasure of working with a guy from this on a repair for my appliance. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and went out of her way to make sure that the job was done correctly and on time. He even gave me some tips on how to maintain my appliance for the future. I'm very impressed with her service and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of appliance repair.

Customer 3

Sharon Guenther


I'm very pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of fridge repair. No company would fix it. These guys are wizards.